Unitarian Universalist Meeting House of Pittsfield, Maine

Who We Are and Where We're Going

It’s 2017. This year, we celebrate standing on the side of love for 150 years. Our sesquicentennial year not only celebrates the spirit, resources, tenacity, and determination that created this congregation, but it marks the beginning of our future - our next 150 in Pittsfield. Over the course of the last six months, members of our community have come together to envision that future - the future of Unitarian Universalist ministry, the stewardship of this historic and important space, programming for all ages, and outreach to the larger community, region, and state. 

As “church” continues to evolve, so, too, does the definition of a sustainable future. These are just a few of the ideas with which we have begun to lay the groundwork. Won’t you join us on this exciting endeavor?

At the Unitarian Universalist Meeting House of Pittsfield we:

  • celebrate rites of passage
  • explore religion and spirituality in all its dimensions
  • encourage a robust public sphere
  • share community resources
  • give time
  • connect through food
  • love one another
  • address fear
  • champion diversity
  • steward our unique and historic building
  • engage civically
  • share information
  • mentor youth
  • provide sanctuary
  • offer refuge
  • encourage discovery, self-reflection, and inner work
  • care for our elders, the sick, and the poor
  • dance and sing
  • create
  • listen

We honor the time required and the process through which lasting, sustainable outcomes are achieved. We value inclusivity and disagreement, respect, and the coupling of fierce determination with warm-heartedness. What do you imagine for our future? What part do you want to play?


Join us in Celebration!

This is an exciting time of change and growth for the Unitarian Universalist Meeting House of Pittsfield, ME! Join us in celebration as we focus on the future.